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Update For Everyone - 2/7/2022

Hello, everyone! I'm writing this to give a quick update about my work; I constantly write, but I never give any updates about it. To be fair, I do talk about my next projects a lot with my friends, but it isn't really anything that everyone can hear about. Only my friends can hear that, and it's more of a brainstorming rather than letting them know what I'm doing. In the future, I'm gonna try to take a stronger care to update you guys.

The first thing that I want to update you on is a goal I've recently committed to achieving; I want to publish three novels in the next sixteen months. I have a solid idea of what those three books will be, but there are some factors that might prevent that from happening exactly as I want it to. Chief among them is the fact that I'm getting married this year, so I ask for patience that I might not meet the goal on the original timeline I set for myself.

First of those books is a short story and poetry collection; I've already finished writing it. I have a number of test readers giving it their best critiques, and I will need to rewrite based on the early reviews among other publishing tasks. Overall, the reviews for it have been mostly positive, so I don't think too much work will need to be done in rewrites. The length of the book should be about the same as The Past Catches, more or less. Second of those is a project I've been working with Lemuel Dunleavy (the other half of EasDun and youtuber) for a number of years. I'm very excited about this as it'll be my first collaboration, my first trilogy, and my longest novel yet. Progress is moving smoothly in this book; we just finished part 1, and it should have 3 parts of roughly 30k words each. I won't spoil many details for the plot, but it'll be a science fiction saga. The third book is based on a couple nightmares that I found to oddly fit together; that said, I think it's pretty clear that it'll be a horror novel, but I have no idea what the length will be, and it is pretty far from done.

On the music side, EasDun has had a slow progress with our second album, but it should be done soon. Most of the songs for the album have been decided, and just need finishing touches. Be warned, it will be pretty different from the first. It started as two separate projects; a heavier album, and a Halloween special EP. We tried to rush around to surprise release the Halloween stuff a week before the day, but it just wasn't quite ready when it came around. We decided to combine the projects, so EasDun 2 will have a bit more heavy stuff, but also have a lot more experimentalism. Also, we plan on releasing a lyric version of several of the songs on The Nightwalker Soundtrack.

There you have it! Almost everything we've been working on; there are a couple more ideas I want to tell you, but think it'd be better to let them develop into something that's actually happening first. If you haven't yet, I suggest picking up The Past Catches or listening to The Nightwalker Soundtrack while waiting for this stuff to come out. Thank you for your time, and until next time.


C.J. Easley

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