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Introduction to Myself

Hello! My name is C.J. Easley, and I would love to tell you a few things about myself in my very first blog post. If you've gotten this far into my website, that means you are at least a little bit interested in me, so I'll do my best to present myself in a few short paragraphs.

I've already professed my love for stories in the about section, and you can find a list of the various things I've been involved with in the works section, so I won't repeat what I've done. I'd rather tell you about what I'm going to do; my first short story collection is coming out (hopefully) early next year before I start working on another novel, I'm one half of a music producing duo called Easdun (an album should be coming out very soon), and I'm a part of a fun YouTube vlog crew called Baller Vlogs that releases new videos every week (a Patreon featuring a new series is in the works). A lot of things to be excited about!

Now, my website, it has a store. A very small store, but I'll be adding more exciting items later. The blog and forum sections are what I really want to talk about. For the blog, I want to use it for reviews and updates on my stories, but who knows what ideas for it I'll have in years time. As for the forum, I wanna know what you guys think! About the site, my stories, the baller videos, and anything we explore together. The opinions of my readers are very important to me, and hopefully you've decided to become one of those.

Until next time,

C.J. Easley

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Can't wait to follow your journey!

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Thank you; wherever we go, it'll be exciting!

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